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Armand Photo The Positive Mind with Armand DiMele has been heard on WBAI in New York, and other radio stations for over 20 years. Known as a master in clinical diagnosis, Armand loves to teach people about themselves. With over 30 years of clinical experience and an impressive collection of diplomas, Armand seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to people.

He is able to take the most complex psychological phenomena and explore it in a non-judgmental way. Yet he has a tough and unrelenting spirit when he confronts injustice. This combination of strength and tenderness make Armand one of those rare humans who inspire people's desire to learn.

TO LISTEN LIVE: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1 P.M. EST you can turn on your radio and hear his unique fusion of feelings and knowledge. The program and all its archives are now being heard worldwide through streaming, podcasts and iTunes. Listeners write in from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. For many, it is their introduction to true human compassion.

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The Positive Mind Podcast
The Positive Mind Podcast
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#Recent radio programs (click to listen)Date Aired
1Awakening the Senses08/29/2018
2Personality Dynamics: OCEAN08/22/2018
3Work and Stress Part II07/11/2018
4Work and Stress Part I07/10/2018
5Nature and Mental Health Part II06/27/2018
6Nature and Mental Health Part I06/26/2018
7World Cup06/20/2018
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"For a time I listened to the show as sort of a free therapy session. I now think of it as more a classroom. I've been a listener for quite a few years now. The Positive Mind has been a platform for much growth on my part. I still look forward to each show. Can't imagine my week without it. Ah the music."

Please choose from one of the categories below:

Total Shows: 66
Learn about what makes a good relationship and how to make your relationships stronger.
Human Sexuality
Total Shows: 19
Remarkable insights relating sex, evolution and how we got to be who we are.
The Psychology of Men
Total Shows: 3
This is the Men's series
The Refugee Syndrome
Total Shows: 4
A totally new perspective on feelings of isolation and aloneness. Explores the symptom of water and weight retention, despair.
Drama of The Gifted Child
Total Shows: 4
A discussion about narcissism, dependency, grandiosity and depression.
Total Shows: 80
Various interviews of Armand and his special guests.
Birth Order
Total Shows: 6
Armand discusses his ground breaking theory on birth order.
Total Shows: 15
A short series on addictions, compulsions and self destructive behaviors.
Behavior and personality
Total Shows: 170
A collection of radio programs discussing various human behaviours and tendancies.
Positive Perceptions
Total Shows: 12
Armand looks at the lighter side of psychology.
Stress, Tension and Anxiety
Total Shows: 23
Programs pertaining to Stress, Tension and Anxiety
Total Shows: 30
Armand discusses living with depression.
Emotional Fragility
Total Shows: 23
Programs about fragile emotions.
Total Shows: 23
Programs about passive-agressive, bipolar disorder and other anger related conditions.
Recent Research
Total Shows: 42
Programs about cutting edge research.
Total Shows: 3
Programs featuring the enneagram.

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