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Radio Show May 18, 2010
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The Nature of Cruelty with guest Dr. Bernard Starr

Armand and Dr. Starr discuss the idea that people are often forced into being cruel.
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Being Mean to People You Love

Armand explores the various reasons why people feel hurt by loved ones
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"Guilt, Shame, and Showing Up", with Armand DiMele and Bernard Starr

Armand and Bernard discuss some essential tools for being successful
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Dealing with Verbal Abuse

Armand explores unusual approaches to handling angry outrages at oneself.
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Assertiveness, Aggressiveness, and Passive Aggressiveness

Armand explores different kinds of personality and communication styles, such as passive aggressive, submissive, assertive, passive, and aggressive.
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The feeling of Hatred

Hatred is a rarely discussed emotion and often confused with anger and resentment.
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The Meaning of Sarcasm

The use and misuse of sarcasm and the meanings behind it.
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The Seeds of Violence

What makes people go on killing sprees.
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The Psychology of Blame

People have a tendency to find someone else at fault when things go wrong. Armand examines the dynamics of blame.
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Serotonin Syndrome and Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Armand discusses signs of the recent discoveries on serotonin levels and possible toxicity and how low levels can produce violence. With guest Dr. Kent Robertshaw.
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The Nose Knows

Smell is a fascinating sense. Armand describes the latest research on our odor preferences and how our sense of smell influences us.
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Free Will

Some behaviors are choices, others are mandated by biological imperatives; most, a combination of both.
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Bipolar II - Interview with Dr. Ronald Fieve

Armand and Dr. Fieve discuss the variations of bipolarity.
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Holding a Grudge

There are deep-seeded emotional reasons for holding grudges. Armand explores the difference between holding a grudge and forgiveness.

Music Played: Vibes with Bill Ware, from the album called "Withdrawn" - song #14 - Steady Eddie Franz Shubert
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