Emotional Fragility
Programs about fragile emotions.

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Significance and Pareidolia

Armand helps callers link their childhood dreams to their feelings of significance.
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The Perfect Menopause

Interview with Dr. Henry M. Hess, author of The Perfect Menopause: 7 Steps to the Best Time of Your Life
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Tricky Memories

Memories influence our definition of love
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The Neuropsychology of Fear

Recent research on fear suggests fear responses are more complicated than previously thought.
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The Seeds of Violence

What makes people go on killing sprees.
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Social Fears

Armand explores ways in which people can overcome social fears and anxieties.

More information on Intense Feeling Psychotherapy: http://www.thepositivemind.com/tpm/intensefeelingarticle.html.
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Unwanted Emotions

How we handle our most undesirable moods determines how often we experience them.
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Managing Chronic Pain

People with chronic physical pain live in a world that feels alien and isolated from others.
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Shedding the Past

Armand explores the many opportunities to let go of emotional baggage.
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The Nature of Crying

Animals howl when they are in distress, but only humans weep tears of sorrow or joy. Armand explores the psychology and physiology of emotional tears and crying.
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Being Ostracized

The understanding of ostracism gives us new insights into the meaning of rejection.
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Bipolar II - Interview with Dr. Ronald Fieve

Armand and Dr. Fieve discuss the variations of bipolarity.
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Manic love

There are many different styles of love, such as eros, ludus, storge, pragma, mania and agape. Armand explores each style and highlights manic love.
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Armand and Dr. Kent Robertshaw discuss how the sense of powerlessness can plague our emotional well-being.
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The Heart's Mind

Recent science explores physiological mechanisms that proves the heart communicates with the brain.

Music Played: Nessum dorma by Luciano Pavarotti; Menha de Carnaval by Chuck Mangione
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