Armand discusses living with depression.

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Depression as a Process

Depression can be perceived as a resting time for growth.
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Political Helplessness

What feelings do we personally experience when we become the silent majority in a political crisis?
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Depression in the Elderly

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are recommended first in the elderly
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Living With Pain That Just Won't Go Away

Living With Pain That Just Won't Go Away
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Homesickness and Nostalgia

Nostalgia usually represents a yearning for an experience of self that is not available in the present.
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Depression without Medication

Is it possible to get better just using herbs or nutritional supplements? Why are natural remedies not effective when used to alleviate depression? What do drugs do that is so unique and effective?
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The Nose Knows

Smell is a fascinating sense. Armand describes the latest research on our odor preferences and how our sense of smell influences us.
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Holiday Blues

Armand explores with guest Dr. Michael Schachter, orthomolecular psychiatrist and Dr. Kent Robertshaw alternative ways to treat depression and holiday blues.
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Maternal Depression

Maternal depression is more frequent than most people suspect and goes well beyond early childbirth years. Discussion with Tracy Thompson, author of The Ghost in the House.
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Bipolar II - Interview with Dr. Ronald Fieve

Armand and Dr. Fieve discuss the variations of bipolarity.
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When Love is Toxic

For some people, love is a more destructive force than a healing one.
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Remorse and Regrets

There are some newly discovered aspects of remorse and regrets that are explored in this program.
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Armand and Dr. Kent Robertshaw discuss how the sense of powerlessness can plague our emotional well-being.
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Male Depression

In-depth exploration of men's silent despair.

Music Played: Vibes with Bill Ware, from the album called "Withdrawn" - song #14 - Steady Eddie
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Long Range Psychological Effects of 9/11

Whatever problems you had before 9/11 were probably exacerbated after 9/11.

Music Played: Put Your Records On by Corinne Baily Rae
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