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A collection of radio programs discussing various human behaviours and tendancies.

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Being Significant

Armand discussed whether a sense of significance is essential or whether we could do without it
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Ineffective Communication - Hindsight Bias

Armand explores how hindsight bias can create difficulties in communication and memory.
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Gullibility and Incredulity

Armand discusses gullibility and the many ways it serves our psyches, our relationships, and our world.
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Submission and Hierachy

Armand explores the traits and qualities of those with submissive personalities.
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Interview with Jeffrey Abugel, author of Stranger to Myself: Inside Depersonalization, the Hidden Epidemic.
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Examining Beliefs

A description of what belief is and the resulting implications. How do our beliefs shape us?
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What is the Real Self?

Armand examines the aunthentic being.
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Our Many Selves-Part 2

How our other or alternate self self play out in our lives.
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Our Many Selves

Armand explores alternate personalities and its effects on the individual.
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Effective Complaining

Psychotherapist Guy Winch, PhD. discusses his book "The Squeaky Wheel", which explores complaining and how it can be beneficial.
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The Heart In Communication

Digital communication has changed the way we express ourselves to each other with both positive and negative outcomes.
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The Dopaminergic Mind

Interview with Dr. Fred Previc, author of The Dopaminergic Mind in Human Evolution and History
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Locked-In Syndrome - with cohost Dr. Sherry Siegel

Armand and Sherry discuss the neurological and psychological causes of locked-in syndrome, a condition where information can be perceived but the perceiver cannot communicate with the world outside.
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Changing Moods

There are many factors that contribute to one's mood. Armand explores both internal and external influences that can help us manage our sense of well being.
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Money's Illusions

People's attitudes toward money are complex. Armand explores ways in which we make decisions about money, spending, saving or having a lack of money.
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