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Some episodes including "Art of Intimacy", "Relationship Tools", "Troubled Relationships", "Infatuation and Limerance", "Passive-Agressive" and "Criticism" have been taken offline as they are being donated to WBAI. To obtain copies, please make a donation to WBAI FM, New York.

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Betrayal trauma.
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When Love Dies Part 2

Armand continues his discussion on ways to take charge of keeping love alive in intimate relationships
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When Love Dies Part 1

Couples often feel disdain and behave nastily toward each other. Understanding the roots can help people become more aware and change unhealthy patterns of behaviors.
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Troubled Relationships Part 1 - Criticism - The First Sign

Armand introduces the Troubled Relationship Series.
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Confluence is a mixture of past and present. Armand explores ways to stay fully in the present
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Rejection Sensitivity

Armand explores sensitivity to rejection and its affects on people and their relationships
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The Essence of Love

Essence of the Essential Dimension of a True Love
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The Me and We of relationships

Sometimes people lose their sense of self in a relationship.
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8 Stages of Love

Armand maps out the 8 stages of loving based on his experience with couples over the years.
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When Love Becomes Desperate

Men and Women express a sense of desperation at different times in romantic relationships
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Is Love the Answer?

Love is a confusing concept that is often a mask for other conflicts.
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How Close Is Too Close?

Intimacy: What it is and what it is not.
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Learning Compassion for the Aging Parent

Alan White and Stephanie Roth on air discussing aging parents and Alzheimer's.
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Interview with Esther Perel

Interview with Esther Perel
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Marital Spats

Armand explores couples who argue and the physical risks of heart disease from silencing their emotions.
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