Branding Your Product for Export -

Learn how Small Businesses can Successfully Brand Their Products for International Sale

Small businesses do not have the resources large corporations have in order to successfully brand their products internationally. This module is designed to help small businesses successfully brand their products for international markets.
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Opportunities in China Part B -
Learn about challanges and opportunities that U.S. companies have in China
Part B of this series focuses on the Opportunities in China and covers culture & business etiquettes, due diligence and as well as Intellectual Property Rights issues in China.
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Compliance for Hazardous Materials -
A Hazmat expert shares here experience
Rebecca Spaulding of the Environomental Resource Center provides an overview of the regulatory compliance issues associated with the domestic and international transport of hazardous materials.
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Trade Event Resources -
Learn to Utilize Trade Events
This web cast is designed to help companies fully utilize trade events. The presentation covers information such as how to create an effective booth and where to find trade events that are for your respective industry.
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International Procurment Market Part I -
Take advantage of Public Procurment Opportunities
This web cast will help companies better understand opportunities with multilateral development banks and bilateral development agencies, including the Asian Development Bank, Inter-American Bank, and others.
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Opportunities in China Part A -
Learn about challanges and opportunities that U.S. companies have in China
China is a large market for U.S. companies to export their products and services to. All though there are opportunities, U.S. companies can face many challenges when conducting business in China. This web cast will discuss some of the major challenges.
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Foreign Suppliers -
Gain Insight on Foreign Suppliers
Helen Lesieur talks about U.S. companies, and how they should interact with a foreign supplier. Learn about payment methods, letters of credit, insurance, and currency risks that can be associated with having a foreign supplier.
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International Legal Considerations -
Learn Legal Issues Concerning Business in the United States
Edward J. Barr, Esq. discusses key legal issues that face international companies seeking to do business in the United States. He also highlights concerns that U.S. businesses should take note of when working with foreign companies.
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Foreign Trade Zones -
See If Your Business can Benefit from a Foreign Trade Zone
This training module was designed to educate exporters on foreign trade zones and how they are affected by them. Exporters will learn how FTZs effect the market, what are the different types of FTZs, and how can an exporter utilize a Foreign Trade Zone. Also
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Common Export Mistakes -
Learn how to Avoid Some Common Mistakes Exporters Make
The purpose of this module is to inform exporters how they can avoid certain oversights and control their export operations by reviewing some of the common mistakes that U.S. exporters make.
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Ten Important Reconmmendations -
Important Reconmmendation Exporters can Benefit From
This module is designed to help exporters take the steps necessary in order to be successful in international Business. Starting an export company has several risks associated with it, but opportunities often outweigh risks and exporting can be profitable.
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The ATA Carnet -
Determine if Your Business can Benefit from an ATA Carnet
This presentation educates the exporter on how the ATA Carnet can provide value to them. The presentation covers material such as what merchandise is covered by the Carnet, how long it will take to get a Carnet and what countries accept Carnets.
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How To Assemble a Global Workforce -
Concise Presentation for a Complex Topic
Participants will learn the full meaning of globalization and its implications in business. Cultural values and differences and the effect on interpersonal communications, business relationships and job performance will be reviewed.
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Governmental Influences on Trade -
Discover the Role of the U.S. Government in Trade.
Various key regulations and controls that are in place will be reviewed along with corresponding compliance requirements. We will discuss the Department of Commerce and the U.S. Customs Department?s role in International Trade and highlight support services
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International Communications Intro -
Thirty Year Veteran Imparts Tips about this Important Tool
Participants will learn the proven reasons why marketing products abroad can increase business growth, extend a product?s life cycle, offer the opportunity to create economies of scale and allow you to take advantage of specific trends in foreign markets.
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Legal Aspects of International Trade -
Attorney and Former US Customs Official Covers the Basis with this Complex Topic.
Jeff Meeks addresses the legal considerations of international trade, including how to protect your assets, how to structure your transactions, the role of regulators and how to comply with them, and most importantly, how to get paid.
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Export Finance -
Thorough and Clear Presentation about Methods of International Payment
This presentation examines the basic and sophisticated options for financing your international sales.
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Exporting Essentials -
Learn the Specific Steps a Company Must Take to Export and How They Should Start the Process.
Topics include: identifying the best markets and deciding the optimal sales and distribution methods, basic transportation issues, logistics, information on export documentation and on export regulations.
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