Outsourcing -

Learn the Motives for Outsourcing

This presentation will help you understand the reasons companies outsource, and the major areas companies outsource their products or services.
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Creating a Global Catalog -
Learn the Seven Strategies for a Successful Global Product Catalog
This presentation will assist you in understanding the traits a successful global catalog needs in order to target customers and how effective use of design communicates brand integrity.
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The Global Manager -
Learn the Roles and Skills Needed to be a Global Manager
This presentation will discuss the global mind-set, capabilities of a global manager, how can you become a global manager, and finding opportunities in the global management field.
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Global Branding -
Learn to Develop Successful Branding
From business cards to web sites, advertising, to fleets of planes and signage, brand identity increases awareness and builds businesses. This module will help you understand what customers think about you and your products or service through brand identity.
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Elevator Pitch -
Learn Tips on Conveying Concise Messages
Elevator pitch is a frequently used term, which literally means "tell me about your business opportunity within the time that it would take to ride up an elevator." This presentation is geared for entrepreneurs, investors, designers, salesman, and anyone els
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